What Is Denture Repair?

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If you have missing teeth, you can have dentures made to replace them.

When you need to have all your natural teeth in either your lower arch or your upper arch (or both) replaced, your dentist may recommend full lower or upper dentures (or both). When only one or some of your natural teeth need to be replaced, your dentist may recommend partial dentures. These dentures are essential so that your remaining teeth stay aligned, and do not shift because of the gaps formed by the missing teeth.

Full dentures can be made of plastic (acrylic) or porcelain. Partial dentures can be made of metal (stainless steel) and acrylic. Dentures are custom-fitted so that they look real and natural.

You may need time to get used to your dentures. They may not feel exactly like your natural teeth. However, well-made dentures look natural, and feel comfortable. They replace missing teeth, making your smile look attractive. If you do not replace missing teeth with dentures, your facial muscles will sag, making you look older than your age. You can look more beautiful with dentures. You can also eat and speak better with them.

Having dentures made may take several visits to your dentist.

Your dentist will use X-rays to determine the state of your teeth, gums, and jaw. This information will help your dentist establish what needs to be done. They will use a putty to make a mold of your teeth to ensure that the dentures will fit well. They may need to reshape the remaining teeth to guarantee an ideal fit. Your dentist will then send the mold to a laboratory to produce the new dentures.

Once the dentures are ready, you can fit them, and try them out for ease and comfort. Is the fit fine? Is the bite just right? Can you comfortably chew or talk with the dentures in place? You may have to go back to the dentist a few weeks after you get your dentures so that they can see how you are doing with them. Your dentist will want to check how well you are taking care of your dentures.

Dentures do not last forever. You need to take care of them properly, so that you will need minimal denture repair. If they crack, chip, or break, or become loose, consult your dentist immediately. Do not try to adjust or repair them yourself, lest you do more harm.

Your dentist will teach you how to take care of your dentures so that they will last long. Dentures are fragile, and may break if you mishandle or drop them. In handling your dentures, make sure to do so over a basin of water or a towel in case you drop them by accident.

Make sure that your dentures do not dry out. When you take them off, put them in a vessel filled with clean water or a denture cleanser/soaking solution. Do not use hot water.

Remove stain, food particles or plaque from your dentures by brushing them every day. Before putting on your dentures, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to brush your palate, tongue and gums to get rid of plaque and stimulate circulation.

Go to your dentist if you need the dentures to be repaired or refitted.

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