What Are The Different Types Of Dentures?

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People typically find themselves in need of dentures only once or twice in their entire lifetime. It is not like you wake up one day and you suddenly feel the urge to have a new set of teeth. Thus, it is understandable that not too many people are aware of the available options, and those who know about dentures are probably not aware of the new treatments available today such as dental implants.

There are basically 4 types of dentures to choose from, with some more expensive than the others. Here they are:

Standard Dentures

Designed for people who have no more original teeth left, standard dentures have been in use for many decades now, though the appliance has undergone a few modifications over time to help make it more comfortable to wear, and fit better. The size can be adjusted by removing a part of the back side of the denture. The main disadvantage of this option is that the more it is removed, the looser it will fit in your mouth, as there will be less of a seal to keep the denture in place.

Immediate Dentures

If you have just had your bad or damaged teeth extracted, you may be temporarily fitted with immediate dentures right after the procedure. Some people are of the mistaken notion that the term refers to dentures that you can order and get on the same day. That is obviously not true.

Cu-Sil Dentures

This is not a recommended solution if you still have a lot of stable, original teeth left. For one, this type of denture is unstable, and not easy to align. Cu-Sil dentures will likewise not be an effective remedy if you have no natural teeth left as there will be nothing to keep the denture stable. Your oral surgeon will only recommend this option if it is viable for you, and other options are not feasible.

Dental Implants

Undoubtedly the most expensive option for dentures today, one full set of dental implants can cost thousands of dollars. However, they are also the most effective solution to-date. If you go for this option, metal posts will be inserted into your jaw. Once your jaw heals, the crowns will be fastened into place. Having dental implants is like having natural teeth again. They are very stable, and look and feel like natural teeth. You can eat practically anything, and do anything you can do with your original teeth.

If you are considering any of the denture options presented in this post, contact your oral surgeon to get more information, and to make sure that it is the appropriate option for your particular situation.

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