5 Treatment Acceptance Rate Strategies Dentists Must Know

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The success of a dental practice will largely depend on the acceptance rate for dental treatments. General dental care and check ups are not covered by this article, instead these strategies focus on private dental treatments where the acceptance rate will determine how many patients choose to go ahead with their treatment.

The first strategy is for a dental office to build and leverage patient reviews. Reputation is vital in attracting the best patients for high price private dentistry treatments including clear braces, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Patient reviews should be published online in order to attract new patients.

The second strategy is to offer a free consultant or smile assessment. At the very least it is acceptable to charge a fee for the initial consultation in order to deter unsuitable patients, but this fee should be deductible from the final treatment cost should the patient proceed with treatment.

The third strategy is to offer a smile simulation. This will enable patients to preview their new smile and can be all they need to sign up for their treatment plan. This should include a detailed treatment plan showing treatment and duration. A demonstration can also be given at the consultation appointment. Technology has transformed the consultation process and patients can now see their smile makeover and expected results.

The fourth strategy is to provide high quality before and after images. Patients will want to see before and after images showing how their specific concern has been treated and the smile makeover from start to finish. For example if a patient needs orthodontic treatment they may want to see crowded teeth or crooked teeth examples etc. If they want a brighter or broader smile they may want to see teeth whitening or veneers images.

The fifth strategy is to offer monthly payment plans and accept health and dental insurance schemes which can be used towards the cost of treatment. By offering payment options, treatment will be more affordable and accessible to patients, which will lead to higher acceptance rates for treatment. Not all patients are can afford the full up front payment which for some treatments will be thousands of dollars.

Without these strategies, practices will lose patients to other practices who use some or all of the processes in their practice marketing. A full treatment plan should also be presented, and time and care should be taken with each patient to ensure that all of their questions are answered.

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